Professional Car Detailing Prices

professional car detailing

Professional car detailing is simply the art and the science of restoring and maintaining a vehicle to its like-new condition. Professional car detailing services are more labour intensive and precise than obtaining a standard automobile wash. A professional car wash typically is an automated system whereby a vehicle passes through a series of spraying channels to thoroughly clean the surface. Although thorough, professional car detailing provides exceptional results with minimal loss of detail, shine, and glow.

Professional car detailing services can be provided by professional car detailing service providers who utilize professional grade detailing products and chemicals. The most effective professional car detailing services use hydroforming technology to remove surface contaminants, as well as power-washing equipment to remove dirt and stains from the finish. In addition to these techniques, they may also use specialized washing machines or robotic arms to apply cleaning compounds in hard-to-reach places. Some professional car detailing services employ the use of robotic arms to apply pressure to clean wheels and chrome.

Equipment and Chemicals

The majority of professional car detailing equipment is either a truck-mounted unit or a self-contained unit. In many cases, professional car detailing equipment is also the name-brand steam cleaner used in professional steam cleaning units. Professional steam cleaners use high-pressurized steam or water to remove contaminants and facilitate the wear and tear of your vehicle’s finish. Steam cleaners also restore shine to your vehicle’s finish, removing years of buildup.

For the professional car detailing services professional car detailing business, a traditional car wash usually includes a variety of detail chemicals as well as a truck-mounted vacuum. There is a wide range of professional car detailing services that include clay wax, body polish, and detailing clay. Detailing clay helps remove dirt, grease, and grime from the surface of your vehicle’s finish, while body polish improves the sheen of your car’s colour. Detailing clay is also used to help restore the original shine to the paint of your vehicle.

Professional car detailing services will sometimes utilize truck-mounted carpet cleaners for deep-seated dirt and grease. When using this type of equipment, professional car detailing services will usually also use a paint correction compound. Paint correction compounds are highly applied cleaners that are often mixed with a lubricant and applied to the surfaces of your vehicle’s paint job. Paint correction compounds will gently remove dirt, dust, and make your car look like new.

professional car detailing


While professional car detailing may seem like a luxury, it saves you money. When you hire professional detailers, you can expect to pay for their time and labour fees in one lump sum. They charge per car, which allows them to detail one car at a time. This cost savings for you translates into more money in your pocket. The best professional detailers are going to charge you a bit more than a local detailer, but the difference is not enough to warrant the extra expense. Local car dealers can also take on large jobs without being paid an hourly rate, allowing them to work as many cars as they want.

Car detailing prices are generally based on the size and complexity of the project. For simple jobs, such as oil changes or normal wear and tear on your vehicle, professional detailers can usually get by with basic equipment and supplies. Larger or more complicated jobs will require more expensive professional car detailing products and tools. Some professional detailers will also come prepared with a complete cleaning solution or cleaning chemicals for a larger job. Before you commit to using professional car detailing services, be sure to find out what the price will be for the cleaning product so you do not end up spending more on a single cleaning process than needed.

Most professional detailers use a powerful vacuum system with strong brushes to remove dirt and stains. These products are usually made of special synthetic materials that provide gentle cleansing with little damage to your vehicle’s finish. A vacuum cleaner that has professional quality vacuums and brushes will be able to extract the majority of contaminants from your surface without harming your paint.

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