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The purchase of a new car is certainly one of the biggest financial investments most of us ever make, so just as you would care for an old car, you should also look after your new one. Taking care of your new car goes well beyond occasional deep-cleaning the exterior and weekly vacuum though. Your new car should also be looked after from its first day of purchase and getting it serviced with a log book approved mechanic.

Service History Certificate

This certificate is a vital document that proves that your service history has been carried out and that all maintenance has been followed up on. When getting any new car service it is important to get the mechanic to update the history certificate or log book, there are several factors which you should bear in mind to ensure that the certificate is valid and covers your new car appropriately.

The certificate is a logbook listing all service information for your new car. All the relevant details such as the make and model of your car, its original sale price, the manufacturer’s recommended service intervals, the service history of the vehicle, and any problems or potential problems, are listed. After you pay the fee, the logbook is then returned along with a detailed description of each problem or missing part.

If your car has received any kind of special treatment or work, this will also be reflected in the logbook. Any parts or accessories which were installed at the time of purchase will be noted down. When getting a new car service or log book service, you should choose a service provider who offers this logbook certificate.

Service and Warranty

You should always get a service logbook from your new car provider. If there is an accident during the warranty period, the warranty will provide you with proof that it has been repaired under the terms set out. If there is damage to the vehicle because of vandalism, theft, storm damage or weather conditions, you will be able to provide the police with a copy of your logbook, as well.

Most new car service providers have separate consumer warranty schemes. In the case of a manufacturer’s warranty, it covers all the defects that may occur during the life of the vehicle. If any defects occur during the vehicle’s life, the new car service provider will fix them at no extra cost.

You need to ensure that the car you purchase has been driven carefully and that it still has the original factory warranty. Many manufacturers only sell vehicles with the original factory warranty intact. If you purchase a used vehicle, check all the internal functions of the vehicle before buying it from the dealership. If you find any problem with the car, you will have to bring it back to the dealership. The dealership will decide whether to repair it or replace it under their warranty.

There are lots of companies on the internet who offer cheap new car services. Make sure to compare all the providers before choosing one. If you buy a car through an auction or online classifieds, check out the offered service packages of each before you place your bid. 

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